Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer fun with the baby!

The weather is heating up, and in many places, this is a great reason to get outside! As adults, we love the warmer weather, so it seems natural to want to share this with our infants.

3 “Can’t Miss” ideas for having a great time this summer with your baby:

  • Blowing bubbles. Babies love bubbles, and since soapy bubbles can get sticky, this is an activity that is easier to enjoy when it can be done outside. Depending on the age of your little one, he or she might not be able to master blowing the bubbles on their own, but you will be able to bring big smile to their faces by blowing them gently and letting the baby touch and pop them.

  • Get wet. Nothing feels as good as the water on a summer day, but this is something best done carefully with a baby. Babies don’t enjoy being splashed in the face, though, so be gentle when playing with a sprinkler or splashing in a pool. Drowning is also a major danger for little ones, so be very careful!

  • Take a hike. Not literally, of course – a long hike could be more than a new parent and infant can handle. Taking a walk to run errands or just for fun is a great way to get outside and expose the little one to new sights. As the infant gets a little older, you can also work on developing a larger vocabulary as you identify new animals, objects, and places together.

Don’t forget a healthy dose of common sense

Everyone loves getting out and going during the summer. However, as babies are more sensitive to heat and sun exposure, make sure to temper outdoor activities with lots of shade and rest.

Use your parental instincts and make sure not to “over do” when it comes to being outdoors, especially with young infants.


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