Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is it safe to use Q-Tips on babies?

Even if they are called baby-safe, are Q-tips really truly safe for such tiny little ears? I know that with my babies I was always skeptical about the idea of sticking a Q-tip into their ears.

Here is what I found regarding these products. What you may have thought about Q-tips, you may want to think again. According to Family Webicine, "Q-tips are weapons of ear destruction." Why? Well believe it or not, these products were not made to be stuck directly inside the ear. They are to clean the outer part of the ear. So why do we think it necessary to shove them into ears? Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Why are we using Q-tips improperly?

Here is what the Q-tips website says:

"Q-Tips cotton swabs have more cotton at the tip* than any other swab, making them the safest, softest and gentlest tool you can use for family care. They also provide the ultimate precision, making them the perfect tool for uses outside your ear.”

Oops! So we are only supposed to use them on the outside. Well, this definitely explains why so many people end up with Q-tip injuries, they are using them wrong! So let's think about this in detail. If we are using them on our babies incorrectly, we are risking harming our sweet babies. It definitely pays to read statements on all products because you never know what you are missing. To be honest all these years I thought Q-tips were for cleaning inside the ears. Boy was I misinformed as a child! Do you know the correct uses for Q-tips?

So I guess to answer my own question: they are only safe if they are used directly outside of the ear. No, they are not safe to use directly inside of the ear. Hopefully this information has given you some sort of revelation about Q-tips, as it did me.

Source: WebMd

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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