Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apps for New Moms

There is something about pregnancy and your brain that just doesn’t go together. Often times, new moms are scared, confused and nervous when bringing baby home. Luckily, with today’s technology, mommies have a lot more ways to take the pressure off of themselves. These apps for your smart phone are extremely useful for new moms.

Baby Tracker:Diaper App Helps you track the amount of times baby has a dirty or wet diaper. Also allows you to add notes and track the color and consistency of baby’s bowels. ($1.00)

Total Baby For parents with multiple children, the Total Baby App is a great way to track doctor visits, vaccinations, charts and any other medical records you’d like to have at hand. ($8.00)

Flashlight No more stumbling around your baby’s nursery using the back light to your cellphone. This is a free app that instantly turns your cellphone into a flashlight.

Mommy’s Little Helper:Baby Monitor This acts like a traditional baby monitor. You simply place the phone by your baby and when the app detects any sound, it will automatically call whichever phone number you’ve entered. ($5.00)

NikeWomen Training Club helps you get back that hot body you had before the baby. This app is totally free and helps with beginner level exercises.

Baby Tracker:Nursing App Works the same way as the diaper tracker, only this app is used to track how many times, when, and how much your baby nurses. ($5.00)

QuadCamera This app allows you to take multiple snapshots at a time, helping you capture those cute candid moments and even first smiles!

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