Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beyond the Single Stroller

When your expecting baby #2 - or 3 or 4 - it's time to look further than your single stroller that you've relied so heavily on. Don't worry though! Just because you may be moving on to a larger stroller doesn't mean you'll be finding yourself wedged in between public doors with a double stroller. There are many wonderful, hip strollers on the market that will keep your tots comfy, grow with your family and look complementing as you grace the streets.

Here are some of the best features to look for when choosing a double stroller:

Reclining Positions -  Baby may be ready for a nap, but your toddler is wide awake. Look for strollers that have two seats that can be reclined at different times. This keeps everyone comfortable without having to recline both seats.

Standing Options - If your toddler or preschooler loves to run around, but finds him or herself tired after awhile, opt for a stroller that allows him or her to stand in the back. More stroller companies are offering their own version of the original Sit and Stand, and it's a great option for the older kids to be free, while hopping on the back of the stroller to sit or stand when they're tired.

Infant Seat Capability - During the first year of baby's life, he or she will be spending a lot of time in the infant carrier when out and about. Be sure that the double stroller you choose can accommodate a baby seat to make things hassle-free. Many infant carriers are compatible with front-to-back strollers, although they may not "lock" in as they're supposed to, so use added caution and discretion.

Adapters - Since families are always growing and changing, some models of strollers are coming out with adapters. This allows parents to work with the base of the stroller and add various adapters over the years. Some of the adapters, for example, allow you to add a car seat or second seat. Cool!

Seat to Storage - When your child is capable of walking on his or her own and only your tot needs the stroller, what do you do with a double stroller? Continue using it of course! With sleek, contemporary designs, many of the newer strollers offer the second seat as a convenience, but it can either be removed or used as a handy storage compartment.



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