Monday, October 1, 2012

Tummy Time for Your Newborn up to 8 months

What is tummy time and why is it important to your infant's development? 
During tummy time, your baby lays on their belly to play while you supervise. Since your baby sleeps on her back to help prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), she needs to spend some of her awake time on her stomach to develop physically and mentally.

The Benefits
On the tummy, your baby lifts their head, which strengthens neck and upper back muscles.
Being able to move her head reduces your baby’s risk of SIDS because she can move away from anything smothering her. Strong muscles let your baby roll over, sit, and crawl. Tummy time also gives your little one a different view of the world. 

  • Get on the floor with your baby. Make faces, talk to them, get a tummy time mat (Soothe- Moves by Luna Lullaby), and hold colorful soft toys in front of them.
  • Encourage your baby to look up by talking or making noises above their head.
  • Place your baby next to a mirror or a soft toy, something they will want to reach for.  
  • Place your baby's upper body and arms over a nursing pillow. This elevation gives a baby a reason to use their legs and may be more comfortable.
  • If your baby starts to fuss, divert their attention. Turn them on their back, talk to them until they stop fusing then flip them back onto their stomach and make fun noises and give them those yummy kisses on the back. That’s a sweet distraction.
  • Some parents suggest waiting an hour after your baby eats to start tummy time, for the baby's comfort and for mom and dad to experience less spit up to clean up!Every baby meets each milestone when they are ready, so don't worry if yours isn't a fan of tummy time right away. Ask your baby's pediatrician your questions. In the meantime, don't be shy about trying to make tummy time "a fun part of every day!


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