Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Itty Bitty Blankie so soft and secure!

Why our Itty Bitty Blankie is so Special!
Soft and Secure

A child sleeping in a strange place or away from his mother cries out for his "blankie”. Receiving it, she clutches it desperately, and begins to calm down. She then goes back to sleep…..

What is it about the special blanket, a security object, that comforts a child in such a soothing way? Why is it desirable for every child to have one? How easy is it for a child develop an attachment to one on his own?
A security blanket reminds a baby of his mother because as she holds him and cares for him, he is holding the favorite blanket. The baby will cuddle it, and begin to associate it with his mother. It is a symbol of her, it has her smell, so it is extremely comforting and soothing to a baby when his mother is not available. It's a good idea, and in fact, very important for a baby to have a security blanket or something like that for comfort. It will be particularly helpful for her later on in many different situations. Right now, you're probably with your child most of the time, but as she gets older you'll want to leave her once in a while. A security blanket can be like a bridge to you!
Luna Lullaby gave 20 moms our incredibly minky soft Itty Bitty Blankie for their babies and 95% of the moms have said they rarely leave home without it and it is a must when someone else is taking care of the baby temporarily. So that makes you realize the importance of a security blanket and what a wonderful soothing tool it is. Thank you to all the moms that participated in our Itty Bitty Blankie project, moms and babies learned about the security of the Itty Bitty-



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