Friday, November 30, 2012

Full Body Pillow support

It is Important to Support your Sleep Positions with a Full Body Pillow……..

Using a full body pillow has many health benefits. Supporting your body while at rest can translate into a better night sleep, relief from back and neck pain, and enhancement of muscular relaxation and much more. By combining the support of a Luna Dream full body pillow, you can stop re-positioning and relax while getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

What kind of position do you sleep in at night? The back position is the best sleep position as it can prevent neck and back pain; however, it often causes snoring. When you sleep on your back it keeps your neck, head and spine in a neutral position. The only problem with sleeping on your back is the greater tendency for one to snore. To help support a back sleeping position you can use a full body pillow to keep your head, neck, and back supported. The key is to keep the incline at a minimum and not prop your head too much.
The side position is the next best sleep position. It is the recommended position for pregnant women to prevent neck and back pain and causes less snoring because the spine is elongated. The best way to support sleeping on your side is with a (Luna Dream) full body pillow that fills the space above the shoulders to keep the neck in a neutral position and used to tuck between your legs for improved circulation. Every full body pillow is different and you need to make sure that the pillow has enough “filler/foam” to have the proper support.
The fetal position is common but not ideal. It does cause less snoring and is good during pregnancy but bad for your neck and back. With the knees pulled up high and the chin tucked to the chest the chances of neck and back pain are greater. The fetal position can be supported much like the side sleeping position with a (Luna Dream) full body pillow that supports the head, neck, back and legs.
The worst sleep position is on the stomach. The only good thing about sleeping on your stomach is it can help ease snoring but is not helpful for avoiding neck and back pain. Sleeping on the stomach puts pressure on the joints and muscles that will bother your nerves and lead to pain. It makes it difficult to maintain a neutral position for the spine and leads to soreness. If you are a stomach sleeper, using just one thin pillow or nothing at all will best support your sleep position.
Whatever sleep position is more comfortable for you just remember that it is very important to have the correct support so you can minimize your discomfort which leads to interrupted sleep. Everyone NEEDS a good night sleep and to feel rested and revitalized. The Luna Dream full body pillow will help you fall asleep easier so you can begin a night of sweet dreams! 

See Luna Lullaby's website for other colors!


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